Restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy

Our restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers advise lenders and other creditors, borrowers, corporate management, boards of directors and owners in situations where businesses are experiencing financial pressure. We assist in negotiations on the restructuring of businesses, in debt negotiations/debt restructuring in connection with bankruptcy and/or investigations. We also assist in matters relating to the liability of directors, the CEO and the auditor. Our lawyers are regularly appointed by Norwegian courts as administrators in bankruptcy proceedings.

Creditor representation

  • Assisting Norwegian and foreign creditors and banks in assessing and proposing solutions when the financial situation is strained for their customers
  • Assisting creditors in enforcing claims against unwilling debtors
  • Assisting creditors in debt negotiations
  • Assisting in assessing whether a creditor can take legal action against the directors, CEO or auditor.


  • We assist in identifying the extent of the problems and finding solutions that provide the foundation for further operations.
  • We assist in negotiations with banks, other creditors, contract counterparties and public authorities.
  • We aim to have an active and constructive dialogue with creditors in order to achieve a debt solution without the involvement of the court.

Debt negotiations under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act 

  • Assisting companies undergoing debt negotiations, in collaboration with the court-appointed chair of the debt committee, to continue operations during the proceedings.
  • Assisting companies in drafting proposals for debt arrangements and in negotiating with creditors to achieve the necessary support for such proposals.

Bankruptcy petitions

  • Assisting owners or directors when a company is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings
  • Drafting bankruptcy petitions
  • Assisting employees in situations where it is necessary to initiate bankruptcy proceedings in order to secure wage entitlements

Debt restructuring committees

  • Our lawyers are regularly engaged to chair debt restructuring committees.

Bankruptcy administrators

  • Our lawyers are regularly appointed as administrators by Norwegian courts and have extensive experience with bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Our lawyers are also appointed administrators in the judicial administration of decedents’ estates.


  • Our lawyers are regularly engaged to chair enquiry commissions.


Klemet Gaski

Mobile: 0047 419 16 583

Kristoffer Aasebø

Mobile: 0047 995 23 554

Thomas Berg Nordahl

Mobile: 0047 472 89 363

Anne Helsingeng

Anne Helsingeng

Mobile: +47 924 82 260

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