Competition law, state aid and EU/EEA

Competition law, state aid and EU/EEA

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In recent years, Norwegian and European authorities have stepped up their use of sanctions for breaches of competition regulations. Competition and state aid regulations aim to ensure a level playing field for businesses. Illegal agreements, conduct, and acquisitions can lead to significant fines.

EU and EEA regulations also restrict the ability to offer state aid. We advise public and private entities when these regulations are in focus, for example, when support measures are introduced to strengthen businesses in times of crisis.

Our lawyers assist companies in avoiding potential pitfalls. They have extensive experience and can help with issues such as restrictive trade agreements and coordination, and matters related to state aid and EU/EEA law.

We can assist with:

  • Review of competition law questions
  • Assessment of agreements and cooperation
  • Notifications in connection with mergers and acquisitions
  • Review of cooperation and joint venture agreements
  • Investigations and dawn raids by the Norwegian Competition Authority
  • Assistance and implementation of internal investigations
  • Dialogue with competition authorities
  • Assistance with amnesty applications
  • Dispute resolution and legal follow-up
  • State aid review
  • Evaluation of state aid related to group exemptions
  • Interface between monopoly-based and exposed industries
  • Measures to separate companies

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