Investigation and compliance

Investigation and compliance

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Procedures and guidelines are necessary for governance. The Board of directors' and General manager's joint responsibility for the company is significant and includes ethics, regulations and reputation management.

Increased focus on sustainability and social responsibility means that society expects companies to act according to the UN's sustainability goals and the Transparency Act. Therefore, both public and private companies must have established systems to prevent and uncover poor working conditions. Our lawyers can provide companies with tailor-made assistance and advice, in addition to helping establish procedures that reduce risk.

If you suspect undesirable bevaviour, you must deal with it in an orderly and goal-oriented manner. Missing or failing systems can lead to loss of reputation, loss of responsibility, or corporate penalties. If you suspect any violation of laws or regulations, we can also help you with investigation and handling of the matter.

We can assist with

  • preparation of a comprehensive compliance system
  • organization of the compliance function
  • preparation of guidelines and procedures
  • training of new employees
  • investigation of suspected corruption, misappropriation of funds, violation of competition legislation, working environment issues and violations of external and internal policies
  • other fact-based enquiries
  • advice to companies and persons being investigated
  • investigations pursuant to the Limited Liability Companies Act
  • assessment of procedures and guidelines against the UN's sustainability goals and in relation to the Transparency Act
  • notification schemes and whistleblowing cases

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