About Bull & Co


Our vision

The cornerstone of our work is cooperation, knowledge sharing and teamwork.

It is essential for us to get to know our clients and their expectations and needs, and it is equally important that they know us. We want our clients to be reassured by our business acumen. Every action we take at Bull & Co is influenced by this, which enables us to put our solid expertise into practice.

To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we always seek to determine and fulfil their expectations. We aim to share our knowledge to enable our clients to understand the legal aspects of their business.

Perhaps this is why our clients say that their trust in Bull & Co is built on our employees, our business acumen, our relevant competence and our ability to deliver as promised.


Board and management

Bull & Co Advokatfirma AS is a modern, knowledge-powered firm with a flat structure and a focus on project management. The company has a board of directors comprised of Tom G. Eilertsen (Chair), Saloume Djoudat, Kristian Foss, Anette Mellbye and Klemet Gaski.

The partners’ meeting is the firm’s general meeting.



Equality of opportunity and diversity are important building blocks in Bull & Co’s core values. For Bull & Co, equality of opportunity and diversity form a natural part of our overall approach to corporate strategy and personnel policy.

In our recruitment policy and corporate culture, we seek to strike a gender and age balance. The policy of the firm is to prevent unfair treatment on the basis of religion or belief system, ethnic background, gender, civil status, age, political views, etc. Bull & Co aims to be an inclusive and diverse workplace, where each employee enjoys the same opportunities for personal and professional development.

Bull & Co’s goal is to develop a firm and culture that is representative of our clients, partners, suppliers and society at large.

Our view is that diversity of expertise and background makes for a dynamic environment and helps to foster creative thinking, contributing to the professional development of our lawyers as strategic legal advisers working in close collaboration with our clients. This goal can only be achieved through a gradual process based on a continuous long-term effort.


Ethics and social responsibility

Throughout its history, the firm has worked to develop a corporate culture in which high ethical standards and actions are the norm. A number of our lawyers have extensive experience of dealing with issues of legal ethics. The Norwegian Bar Association’s commentary edition of its Code of Conduct was written by Bull & Co partner Haakon I. Haraldsen, who for many years chaired the Norwegian Bar Association’s Ethics Committee. Several of our lawyers have been and continue to be involved in reviewing cases concerning complaints against lawyers (disciplinary cases) on the Norwegian Bar Association’s Disciplinary Committee and Disciplinary Board.

The Norwegian Bar Association’s Code of Conduct

All Bull & Co lawyers are bound by the Code of Conduct adopted by the Norwegian Bar Association and confirmed by the Ministry of Justice (see Chapter 12 of the Regulations for Advocates and Section 244, first sentence, of the Courts Act). These regulations provide the foundations for the professional activities of all lawyers practicing in Norway and are designed to ensure that their practice is conducted in accordance with ethical principles.

Cross-border legal practice within the European Economic Area is governed by the CCBE Code of Conduct.


Bull & Co’s quality manual and ethical guidelines

Bull & Co has compiled a quality manual and has adopted a set of ethical guidelines. The ethical guidelines contain detailed rules and procedures governing areas such as directorships, investments, conflicts of interest, confidentiality issues, trust, control and communications procedures in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act and Regulations as well as the whistle-blowing provisions of the Working Environment Act.

The ethical guidelines in force from time to time are adopted by the Board of Directors and supplement the Norwegian Bar Association’s Code of Conduct. The Board also appoints the members of the firm’s Ethics Committee. The issues addressed by the Ethics Committee include conflicts of interest and other areas in which doubt might arise about issues of ethics. The Committee is also responsible for the firm’s ethics training programme.

In addition, Bull & Co has adopted a 10-point company policy applicable to all our personnel.


Bull & Co’s corporate policy


General policy

For Bull & Co, the trust of the client and the independence of the individual lawyer are core values. It is an overarching principle and objective for the firm that all Bull & Co lawyers should at all times act in compliance with the Code of Conduct, Bull & Co’s ethical guidelines and in all other respects act to a high ethical standard, both in their professional practice and otherwise.



Bull & Co personnel must act professionally in all their dealings with clients, suppliers or partners to ensure that no personal ties or economic interests are created that might cast doubt on the independence of the individual employee or the firm.


Accepting and terminating instructions

Bull & Co will not undertake assignments where there may be a risk that the firm might become involved in or associated with events that constitute criminal acts, unlawful activities or unethical business methods.



No employee of Bull & Co must offer or give any undeserved advantage in the form of gifts or other benefits to any third party with a view to achieving or retaining personal advantages for Bull & Co or clients of Bull & Co or receive such benefits to the advantage of him or herself, Bull & Co or Bull & Co’s clients.


Conflicts of interest

The firm has internal procedures and guidelines in place to identify possible conflicts of interest and the firm’s practice as related to the handling conflict of interest issues. When in doubt, the question will be put to the Ethics Committee for an opinion.


Personal data

Bull & Co will at all times fullfil the requirements of the GDPR in the processing of personal data. Technical solutions and procedures must be in place to ensure the security of all electronic processing of personal data and sensitive information.


Discretion and confidentiality

All information about the commercial and private affairs of clients, opponents and partners to which Bull & Co personnel become party during the course of their work for the firm, must be handled confidentially in accordance with the rules governing a lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and discretion.


Processing of information

Bull & Co seeks to maintain a good and open relationship with the media. Any information provided to the media about instructions or clients must always take the interests of the parties concerned, the independence and duty of confidentiality of the individual lawyer, and other relevant factors into consideration.



Bull & Co’s ethics programme is intended to stimulate open debate and responsible actions. The threshold for expressing an opinion and offering constructive criticism must be low, but never so low that the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and discretion is compromised.


Ethics and training

Bull & Co’s personnel are required to have a high level of awareness with regard to professional ethics as well as other ethical issues such as corruption, environmental issues, human rights and general corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to facilitate a continuous debate on ethical issues and dilemmas among our personnel.