About Bull & Co

Bull & Co was founded in 1864. Our lawyers are experts within business law and private legal matters. We put together multidisciplinary teams tailored to the size and character of each assignment. This enables you to draw on our broad expertise and experience—with a responsible partner at the helm.

We also offer special services such as Lawyer as a Service, emergency assistance for cyberattacks, and Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service.

Through our international networks, we have access to local legal expertise worldwide.


Our core values are:

  • engagement
  • courage
  • respect
  • generosity

We take ownership of tasks with enthusiasm and aim to bring out the best in ourselves to deliver good service and customer experiences, as well as develop the firm and each other further. We are curious and create the best solutions and results when we work together. We take pleasure in success experienced by our customers, colleagues and our own company.

Our goal is to render advice that is clear, honest and practical, so that we create value for our customers. We invest time in understanding the customers’ needs and challenges, and we bolster our customers and each other by sharing our knowledge proactively and generously. By collaborating closely, in-house and externally, we seek to resolve challenges in the best possible way.

We are open to change and dare to challenge established practice to try out new methods, principles and business models. Our decisions are based on creating value long-term, and selfish interests must yield to the needs of the firm as a whole. Although it may be difficult, we say what we mean when this is in the company’s best interest.

Our aim is to create an equal, inclusive and diverse work environment. We listen to and respect different perspectives and points of view and aim to understand before we act. One of the pillars of the business is to deliver quality in all aspects, and therefore, we strive to give each other honest and constructive feedback.

It is important to make time for family and leisure activities, as we believe this makes us better advisers, lawyers and people.


The firm’s Board of Directors consists of Stian Sørensen Schilvold (Chairman), Anne Helsingeng, Runar Hansen, Jenny Sveen Hovda and Andreas Wahl. Chief operating Officer (COO) is Tine E. Wærsten.

The partner meeting is the company’s annual general meeting.


Equality and diversity are key to Bull Co’s core values. We strive to recruit employees and develop a corporate culture characterised by a good balance between the genders and a reasonable age distribution. We will work against any arbitrary discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, ethnic background, gender, marital status, age, political opinion, etc. Bull & Co shall be an inclusive and diverse workplace, where all employees are given the same opportunities for personal and professional growth.