The realms of manufacturing, retail and services in Norway are constantly subject to change, among other things due to increasing globalisation, international competition, technological progress and changing consumption patterns, which make it necessary to keep up to speed and to have the necessary skills and expertise regarding the industry and all the domains pertaining to it.

Our lawyers have all specialised in their chosen fields, and have in-depth insight into the selection of industries they focus on. Our lawyers have extensive experience in providing assistance to inventors, producers, distributors and sales segments with all manner of business challenges pertaining to the law.

The selected sectors we are particularly experienced in:

  • Oil, hydrogen production and renewable energy
  • Retailing
  • Food retailing
  • Technology
  • The transport industry


Where desirable, we put together suitable transdisciplinary teams for our clients in these sectors, with experts in the applicable areas, led by an experienced partner. This is to ensure that the lawyer best qualified for a commission is assigned to it, that the commission is carried out in a cost-effective manner, and that it is of the requisite quality at all times.

Kåre Bjørlo

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