Competition, tendering and supply

There are a number of factors to take into account when any equipment, components, services etc. of a high value are to be acquired or sold . Not unusually, the budget may be exceeded, disputes arise relating to what was included in the price, what constitutes a change, who is to blame for delays and whether something is lacking in the delivery etc. These are matters that can be avoided by the use of clarity in contract texts, and by making sure to follow up on the contract.

For collaborative projects, as well as for licensing, agency or distribution agreements etc., special rules may apply that set limits on what can be agreed.

The public sector also has its own complex rules and regulations to take into account with regards to procurements.

We have lawyers with expertise in competition law, public procurement regulations and tendering and supply terms for Norwegian industry. The rating agency The Legal 500 recognises that the team possesses “substantial public procurement expertise”.

We have extensive experience with the relevant regulatory framework and can help customers right from the project’s planning phase and up until the actual completion of delivery. We also assist with dispute resolution and judicial follow-through on claims to the appeal bodies, the courts or for arbitration where it proves necessary.

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