Sustainability and circular economy

Sustainability and circular economy

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Sustainability and circular economy are popular concepts these days. This leads a risk of "greenwashing", which can damage a company's reputation and encompass violations.

Almost all environmental and waste regulations are based on EU directives. The climate challenges also raise many demanding legal issues. We have worked with these regulations on behalf of industrial companies and the waste industry for many years. As a representative of the environmental organisations that have appealed the decision in the so-called "Climate Lawsuit" to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), we have in-depth knowledge of these issues.

All companies should assess their own activities to see what they are doing to contribute to sustainability and a greater degree of circular economy. We can help interpret the regulations and find good solutions.

We can assist with:

  • discharge permits under the Pollution Control Act and complaints about permits
  • insight into and understanding of the environmental regulations, the waste regulations, the Environmental Information Act and the Transparency Act
  • avoiding greenwashing and violations of the Marketing Act
  • clarifying the distinction between product and waste
  • ground pollution
  • waste industry transactions
  • procurement rules and environmental requirements for bidders and demanders
  • assistance with self-assessment of a company's contribution to sustainability and circular economy

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