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Nordic Employment Law Seminar

Once again, some of the leading individuals within Nordic employment law are hosting the Nordic Employment Law Seminar for HR professionals responsible for the Nordic Region.
When:October 4th, 6:30 to October 5th, 16:30
Where:Advokatfirmaet Delphi, Stockholm, Sverige

Type:On location
Suited for:Professionals

For HR professionals working multijurisdictional, it is essential to have up-to-date knowledge and awareness of the differences that exist in your region of respons ibility. Essentially, rules and legislation are far from uniform in the Nordic countries.

Two intensive days of teaching in selected topics within Nordic employment law will enable you to compare and distinguish between the differences in some of the most practical day-to-day employment law topics, equipping you with the skills to identify the rules applicable for the daily challenges.

Course teachers are:

Jørgen Burdal
Bull & Co Law Firm, Norway

Johanna Havula
Lexia Law Firm, Finland

Magnus Berterud
Delphi Law Firm, Sweden

Michael Møller Nielsen
Lund Elmer Sandager Law Firm, Denmark

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