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Camilla Raastad and Hanna Beyer Olaussen are new partners in Bull

Two new Bull partners

On 1 March we welcomed Camilla Raastad and Hanna Beyer Olaussen as new Bull partners. Camilla brings her expertise in transport/logistics and employment law. Hanna strengthens our intellectual property and technology departments, especially within industrial property rights and marketing, commercial and IT law.
Published: 04.03.24

Specialist in logistics and transport law

Camilla Raastad has worked for participants in the logistics and transport industry for over 20 years and arrived at Bull from the position of in-house lawyer in NHO Logistics and Transport, where she has practiced since 2018. Most of the tasks and issues Camilla advises on relate to transport law, especially road and sea, but also air freight and railroad. In addition, Camilla has extensive experience with advice and disputes related to the interpretation and implementation of NSAB 2015 (General Provisions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders), as well as customs and tax issues.

Within transport law, Camilla has also assisted in complaint cases, both related to goods delay and damage, and with the preparation, review and quality assurance of transport, customer, supplier, and agency agreements. She has experience in assisting logistics and transport companies when customers enter bankruptcy proceedings and in disputes related to termination of storage assignments, known as third- and fourth-party logistics.

- There are few lawyers in Norway who can demonstrate the level of expertise in logistics and transport law that Camilla can. I have worked with Camilla for several years and find that she understands the industry very well, is commercially oriented, focuses on solutions and enjoys great trust from the clients she works for. With the recruitment of Camilla, we are creating the country's best specialist environment in transport, logistics and forwarding agent insurance," says Runar Hansen, partner and head of the Transport and logistics team at Bull.

The logistics and transport industry changes continuously. Over many years, the industry has experienced numerous company acquisitions and mergers. This trend creates a challenge for our industry knowledge as lawyers as we aim to assist companies in the best conceivable way.

I am looking forward to being part of building a solid and competent team in transport and logistics. It is an industry I really enjoy working with, and I know the industry drivers very well. Having worked in-house, I feel I have an edge in knowing the industry and the client base well. This makes it easier to quickly understand the problem and how to solve it for the good of the company. At the other end, Bull is a firm that offers broad professional expertise, which means that I know the clients I work with will receive solid advice in the practice areas I do not handle myself," says Camilla Raastad.

In addition to having been in the NHO system over several time periods, Camilla has previously run her own law practice and been HR director in one of Norway's largest logistics companies. Her experience from the HR role has been particularly useful when advising transport and logistics companies on individual and collective employment law issues ‒ an area she has worked extensively with in recent years.

- We see that bringing perspectives from different roles and specialty areas to the table is useful. It makes it easier for us to view the issues from various angles and understand the needs that must be met when evaluating viable solutions. I think we will see more of this type of interdisciplinary experience Camilla offers in the legal industry in the future, says Tine Engstrøm Wærsten, CEO of Bull.

Consolidates Bull's position on intellectual property and technology law

Hanna Beyer Olaussen is a technology lawyer with expertise in intellectual property, marketing, commercial and IT law ‒ areas she has worked with since 2004.

Within intellectual property law, Hanna works with trademarks, trade secrets, patents, designs, employee inventions and copyright. In the area of marketing law, she has e.g., experience with advising in consumer protection and good business practices.

Hanna has been highlighted as one of the leading lawyers within IP and TMT in The Legal 500, and within IP and retail in Finansavisen's lawyer peer review survey in recent years. Her experience in commercial law includes advisory related to distribution, such as franchise, agent and distribution agreements. In the technology field, she assists with strategic advice in connection with the acquisition and commercialisation of digital solutions, and in negotiations for entry into collaboration, SaaS, R&D and licensing agreements. She also advises on the legal use of artificial intelligence.

- We are really excited that Hanna wants to be part of the IP and technology team at Bull. Hanna is a recognized profile within her fields, has a strong driving power and complements our team’s expertise well," says Stian Sørensen Schilvold, head of IP and technology at Bull.

Hanna also has extensive experience with technology transactions, where she assists in evaluating risk, securing intellectual property rights and negotiating smooth solutions for the use and transfer of technology.

The intangible assets are often central, especially in transactions involving technology companies, and Hanna's expertise across IP and transaction areas is particularly relevant, Stian continues.

Hanna comes from Wikborg Rein, where she has worked since 2018 and became partner in 2021. Previously, she worked for Wiersholm and Ræder Bing. Hanna has a strong professional commitment and is a member of the Norwegian Bar Association's legal committee for intellectual property and marketing law. She also looks forward to contributing to the development of Bull's delivery models, with her commitment to legal technology solutions.

- Bull has one of the best and largest professional environments within IP and technology in Norway and has a long-standing tradition of investing in these areas. I look forward to becoming part of this renowned technology environment and contributing to the further development of Bull, says Hanna Beyer Olaussen.

Bull's intellectual property and technology teams have demonstrated solid development in recent years and were further strengthened last year through the recruitment of AI expert Christian Bendiksen.

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