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Litigation and arbitration

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All disputes are different. To give each individual case the best starting point, we put together teams that possess industry knowledge and the highest professional and dispute resolution expertise.

Disputes can be demanding, and we always seek out the most efficient and cost-focused dispute resolution process. Our goal is to shield the business from the process as much as possible, so we try to resolve disputes through negotiations or mediation first. If no solution is found, the case goes to arbitration or before the court. Before bringing a case to court, we always perform a thorough risk assessment and update the assessment as the case develops.

Bull assists in most types of civil cases, and we litigate a significant number of cases each year. We represent both Norwegian and international companies, organisations, and individuals. We collaborate with external financial and other experts in cases that require specific expertise.

Our lawyers also have significant experience working with alternative dispute resolution bodies and methods. We assist clients in cases before the Norwegian council dealing with unfair competition, the Norwegian public procurement complaints board (KOFA) and The Norwegian Financial Services Complaints Board. Two of our lawyers are also certified arbitrators.

We can assist with:

  • employment law
  • shareholder disputes
  • probate and estate planning
  • compensation in and outside of contract
  • real estate and construction
  • insurance and liability matters, such as professional and board liability
  • marketing and IPR
  • IT contracts
  • public procurement
  • planning and building law
  • taxes and duties

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