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Ida Westvang is new Bull partner

We are happy to announce that Ida Westvang became a Bull partner on 1 November 2022, as an important part of the inheritance and family law team.
Published: 16.11.22

Ida will be a key resource in probate, estate planning and financial family law. She specialises in family, inheritance, probate and litigation and has 12 years of experience in these areas.

Ida also specialises in guardianship and cognitive impairment ‒ an expertise few other lawyers can offer.

Ida’s previous position was senior lawyer at Hjort, and she has also worked for Schjødt, Bjørge-Skaaraas & Co and Wiersholm ‒ in the latter as part of the tax department. Ida has also been a deputy judge in Sarpsborg District Court.

- In recent years, we have built a highly competent team within financial family law, probate and estate planning at Bull. This is apparent from the number of cases the team is asked to handle. With Ida’s arrival, we are further strengthening the team, says Anne-Sofie Rolfsjord, head of the family law team.

Ida has worked with issues involved in all types of estate administration within family law, such as divorce or cohabitant settlements, estate and succession planning, probate proceedings and co-ownership. She has litigated close to 200 cases before the courts.

Unique expertise in cognitive impairment and guardianship

Her specialisation in cognitive impairment and guardianship means that Bull acquires even greater expertise in an area that few other law firms can offer. With life expectancy still inching higher in our society, we see that this is becoming increasingly important for our clients.

Ida's previous education and work as a nurse also gives her valuable understanding and insight when meeting people who are in difficult life situations. This is a very valuable asset.

- With Ida on board, we gain professional expertise that makes us even better equipped to meet our clients’ needs, emphasizes Rolfsjord.

Cross-competence in property law and company law

Ida is also experienced in property, tax and company law.

- This kind of cross-competence is exactly what we find that many clients are asking for ‒ for example when encountering property transactions during probate proceedings. Finally, Ida’s leadership skills will be very important for the training of younger resources, Rolfsjord points out.

Will contribute to Bull's further development

Ida is the third partner Bull brings in this year. Bull has seen solid growth in recent years and now has a total of 35 partners.

- Bull is a law firm with solid expertise, good values ​​and a strong commitment to the profession and to its clients. I am looking forward to becoming a part of the firm and contribute to further development, both in helping the family law team achieve its goal of being at the top in Norway in inheritance, family and probate law, but also Bull’s goals as a law firm. Here I will be part of a group of very talented people and will have a great opportunity to work with legal issues and also continue to improve my skills as a lawyer, says Ida Westvang.

Bull's specialist family law team consists of a total of 13 lawyers with expertise in inheritance, probate and wealth planning. Several of these lawyers are experienced in company, property, tax or intellectual property law as well. The team also works closely with Bull’s specialist teams in other areas of expertise, such as tax, corporate M&A and real estate.

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