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Design registration

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We help you with design protection to prevent that others produce or market imitations.

There are manyways you can protect your design. You can protect your product's shape, look, and ornamentation, or the parts that make your design unique. Design protection also includes digital products such as typography and graphic symbols. In addition, you can protect the compilations of products, such as interior or decor concepts.

Copyrighting your design is one of your most significant advantages in a competitive market. We at Bull have many years of experience in the field. We assist with the registration process, give strategic advice, and help with potential dispute resolutions.

Apply for design protection

Feel free to contact us if you want to protect one or more of your designs. We can assist with the application and send it to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office for you.

Price list:

  • Norway: 8 000 NOK
  • EU: 19 500 NOK
  • Sweden: 12 000 NOK
  • Denmark: 11 800 NOK
  • other countries: on request

The price list includes fees to NIPO and Bull's work in filling out the form. The price encompasses up to three goods or service categories and are based on a registration process void of complications. We can also help you with complaint or protest processes, but this is not included in the price listed above.

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