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Our response team helps organisations to decrease the damages of a cyber attack.

Cyber attacks occur more frequently, are more targeted, and cause more extensive harm than ever before. Bull has an interdisciplinary response team that helps companies limit the damage caused by such an attack.

The biggest threat to businesses

Cyber attacks are, for good reasons, the biggest threat to business. Without well functioning IT systems, all customer contact, production, and logistics are paralyzed. Several Norwegian and global enterprises have been victims of such attacks in recent years, with severe consequences.

An interdisciplinary response team

Bull's response team helps companies limit damage from cyber attacks or data security breaches. Our team consists of:

  • attorneys with expertise in security, technology, and privacy
  • IT security experts (Defendable)
  • communication advisers (First House)
  • insurance lawyers with cyber insurance expertise

deWe have developed documented procedures based on emergency drills, our professional expertise, and the experience we have gained from helping companies that have been attacked. Our procedures include quick action and early control of the situation. Together with our partners in Defendable and First House, we perform emergency drills to identify areas of improvement.

Be ready

Bull's attorneys want our clients to be prepared for a potential attack, and we assist with implementation of measures and procedures that secure the company's data and IT systems. Along with our partners, we can also offer cyber attack exercises for your company. In addition, recommend purchasing a cyber insurance policy, preferably through an insurance adviser.

If an attack has already happened, we are here to help you. Call our emergency phone for urgent help.

Emergency call

Has your company been attacked? Call us at +47 23 01 01 01. Our emergency phone is open from 7 am to 10 pm every day. You will reach a member of the response team right away.

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