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Do you want to start or continue your career with exciting tasks and skilled co-workers in a professional environment? Then you should apply for a position at Bull!

At Bull, we think it is important that you enjoy your professional work and have fun while interacting with colleagues and clients. We believe in giving you responsibility from the beginning, with regular and close follow-up. As an associate at Bull, you can explore disciplines in-depth and immerse yourself in many fields of business and private law related to your areas of interest. We will argue that this offers the best possible outcome for both the firm and your personal and professional growth.

As an employee at Bull, we can offer you:

Tutor, mentor, and follow-up

All employees at Bull get close and regular follow-ups from a dedicated tutor. As an associate, we will link you to several fields in the beginning so you can dig deeper into each discipline and find your path. You will get a tutor that has the overall responsibility for your professional growth and development. You will also get a mentor who will help you feel comfortable socially.

Tailored development plan

You and your tutor will create a development plan tailored to your needs and competence. This will give you the opportunity to develop over time, through exciting and challenging tasks, as well as internal and external lectures and courses. Through practical experience and targeted training, we will be better suited, as a team, to evolve and be equipped to meet our clients’ needs in the best way possible.

Why work at Bull?

There are many reasons why you should apply for a job at Bull. Here are some of them.

Everyday flexibility

Bull highly values work-life balance. We enjoy the freedom of choosing between working at the office and from home when that is more convenient or if you have personal needs. When you thrive at work, you perform better.

Opportunities to grow

As a recent graduate, we know how important it is to gain practical experience, also within the field of litigation. We often litigate cases and believe that a structural and justified distribution of cases, based on experience and competence, is both fair and important. This gives us the opportunity to ensure that you get experience in court as soon as possible, so that you get your practising licence within the standard time frame.

A social environment with many activities 

We never underestimate that while working together, it is important to know each other as individuals. As a firm, this gives us a common ground, a good atmosphere, and a sense of belonging.

We travel abroad together every other year, participate in activities such as Holmenkollstafetten, and arrange social gatherings and training sessions. We love spontaneity and informal initiatives, from training sessions, quizzes, election vigils, movie nights, or celebrating together that we won a trial or have signed an important deal. We also arrange an annual summer party and an annual party. 

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