General Terms of Business and Fees

General Terms of Business and Fees

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Here, you will find Bull's General Terms of Business and Prices.

Assignment agreement

When Bull undertakes an assignment, you as a client will receive a specified confirmation of assignment that is based on the Norwegian Bar Association's decisions and recommendations. The confirmation of assignment will normally contain information about the nature of the assignment, which attorneys will be involved, their hourly rates, payment of VAT and expenses, assignment progress and timeframe, and the right to lodge complaints.

Prices and calculation of fees for our services

Bull strives to provide highly professional legal services at competitive prices. We are subject to legal fee provisions in the Norwegian Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the Regulations for advocates and the Price information regulations that have been issued pursuant to the Marketing Act. We also adhere to the Norwegian Bar Association's recommendations regarding fee calculation and related information.

The starting point for the fee calculation is normally the time spent on the relevant assignment. You will receive timesheets with the specified task descriptions along with the invoice. The hourly rate and total fee vary with the competence and experience of the lawyers who work on the assignment. In addition, they reflect factors such as the scope and complexity of the assignment, the need for special expertise, the values to which the assignment applies, the timeframe, and results achieved.

Please contact us for a list of our indicative hourly rates. As the price of legal services varies, we are required in accordance with Section 10 of the Price Information Regulations to state the highest and lowest prices that apply to a consumer client.

Fixed-price agreements

We can offer fixed prices for simple, clear, or more standardised assignments.

Cost estimates and budgets

When it is possible to estimate the scope of parts or all of the assignment, we provide estimates on request. We try to inform the client as soon as possible if we expect significant deviations from the estimate. If an estimate is given, this is not a fee ceiling or fixed-price agreement.

Lawyer as a Service

Lawyer as a Service is a bit like a subscription. The scope and costs are determined jointly by the responsible lawyer and the client before the service starts. As a client, you get access to a dedicated team that knows the business and has the necessary expertise.


Bull does not take on cases on a “no-cure-no-pay” basis. Pursuant to the Norwegian Bar Regulations, we cannot offer that our fee is determined on a percentage basis in relation to the result or object of a case.


We normally invoice for work performed every month, regardless of whether the assignment is completed or not.

Any expenses, such as travel expenses, court fees, and other fees to public entities, are specified and invoiced separately.

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