Payment terms and fees for consumers

Payment terms and fees for consumers

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Here you will find payment terms and fees for consumers.

The hourly rate and total fee vary with the competence and experience of the lawyers who work on the assignment. In addition, they reflect factors such as the scope and complexity of the assignment, the need for special expertise, the values to which the assignment applies, the timeframe, and results achieved. For assignments invoiced according to the hours worked, the hourly rate varies within intervals for the different job categories (partner, senior lawyer, senior lawyer, associate, trainee, and administration).

For non-business clients, our indicative hourly rate is NOK 3000 to NOK 4225. These prices include VAT.

In cases covered by the Act relating to free legal assistance or other statutory arrangements for the coverage of legal assistance from the public sector, the current public fee rate is used.

The following terms apply when nothing else has been agreed:

Fee calculation

The fee is calculated according to hours worked. The minimum hourly unit is 0.25 hours. In addition, all relevant expenses will be paid by the client, including court fees and other public fees, costs for database searches, courier services, travel and accommodation, experts and witnesses, etc.

Any significant expenses for telephone, copying, postage, etc., will be specified and invoiced at cost.


Invoicing is normally monthly. This applies even if the assignment is not completed and – in cases before the courts – a court decision has not been made. Specification of the hours worked and the nature of the tasks, is attached as time sheets.


Unless otherwise agreed, invoices are due in 30 days. In case of late payment, interest accumulates pursuant to the provisions of the Act relating to Interest on Overdue Payments, etc.

Legal fees in litigation

If a case is litigated before the courts and the client loses the case, he may risk being required to cover the opposing party's legal fees/costs as well as court fees and costs. These are the client's responsibility.

If the client wins the case, but the court determines that the opposing party's cost liability is less than the fee Bull has demanded/will demand from the client, the client is responsible for paying the difference to Bull.

Legal assistance coverage/insurance coverage

In certain cases, the client may be entitled to coverage of all or part of the legal services expenses through the statutory scheme for free legal assistance or through insurance policies. The client must provide information that can clarify whether there may be insurance coverage. On assignments with insurance coverage, the client may be billed for Bull's total fees and expenses. The client is responsible for claiming reimbursement from the insurance company, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


If you believe that the fee requested is too high, you can lodge a complaint with the Norwegian Bar Association.