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A podcast about gender equality and diversity

The legal profession experiences a significant loss of expertise from women who leave it for another career. With the podcast Null Bull§hit, we want to contribute to a more diverse and transparent legal profession.

In the podcast, we are honest and dispel some myths but also provide specific advice, tools and inspiration on how to take action in your career and how a company may become a better place for all.

Null Bull§hit is in Norwegian. You will find it where you listen to podcasts. The episodes are also listed at the bottom of this page.

The host of the podcast is Bull's own Elisabeth Hoffmann.

Come along with Elisabeth when she asks role models to share their stories and perspectives on the industry.

  • Do women have to be men to succeed?
  • How to combine life as a business lawyer and a parent.
  • Do we value ambitious women different from ambitious men?
  • How to increase acceptance for diversity.

These are some of the topics in season one.

Portrettbilde av Elisabeth Hoffmann