Our lawyers Klemet Gaski and Runar Hansen have handled a lawsuit against Bertel O. Steen, and our clients have been found not to be liable for a claim of almost NOK 16 million. The Supreme Court recently denied Bertel O. Steen the opportunity to appeal to the country’s highest court.

As part of a larger case complex in connection with auto dealership giant Bertel O. Steen losing a little under NOK 40 million when two firms that were rebuilding the auto dealership’s minibus chassis went bankrupt, our clients were earlier this year found not to be liable for an approx. NOK 16 million claim in Borgarting Court of Appeal, having lost the same case in Sarpsborg District Court last summer. Bertel O. Steen, the losing party in the appeal, was ordered to pay our clients’ full legal costs before all three courts. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court, but recently, the word from its Appeal Committee was that it would not permit the case to be heard.

The Appeal Court’s ruling stated that Bertel O. Steen Østfold’s management clearly was a “dominant causal factor” in the loss. In addition, documents that had not been available to the District Court were presented in the appeal case and were of decisive importance.

“We were very pleased with the Court of Appeal’s judgment at the time. Our claim throughout has been that our clients are not responsible for any loss, so it is good to see that the Supreme Court agrees with us”, say Klemet Gaski and Runar Hansen.