Registration of a trademark in 1-2-3


To protect your investment  and efforts, simply:

  1. Complete the form
  2. We will contact you for clarifications
  3. We will submit the application for you

Registrer a trademark

Step 1: Explain what you would like to have

The prices include our work in relation to completing an application plus application fees (for example to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office). Dealing with any oppositions in relation to the application are not included. More than three goods or services classes cost extra.
If you would like a figure mark (graphics), leave empty and upload graphics.
Maximum upload size: 20MB

Only if you want a figurative mark or a combined mark (mixture of figure and text)

Example: write «cheese» if you would like to protect white cheese. Write «programming services» if you work with IT development.

Contact Information

All fields marked with a * are required

We can not warrant that the application for registration will be successful. Upon rejection of one or more classes the fee is non refundable.

Step 2: We will consider the best solution and contact you

The work will be done by leading Norwegian trademark lawyers. This means that you can feel safe that the right choices are made.

Step 3: We will send in the application

We discuss it with you before we submit the application. Then we will put the application into our trademark system for follow up. We will let you know when the application is approved or whether complications arise. A registered trademark gives protection for ten years before renewal is required. Then we will notify you.

We welcome you as a customer to Bull & Co.