«Software is eating the world”, wrote Marc Andreessen in Wall Street Journal in 2011. The same could be said about technology in general. The Internet of things ties all our gadgets together. Robots will soon care for our elders’ and production may as well take place in Europe as in China. Drones deliver goods and surveys us. Cars drives themselves. Artificial intelligence are improving its own intelligence. Cloud services supplies us with near unlimited processing power and storage. Transmission capacity explodes.

A small investment in getting the legal puzzle right can save your business, CEO and board of directors for great liability.

Our job is to help the companies developing the technology, also reaping the profits. Making sure buyers of technology will enjoy its benefits. A house in legal order will help both.

These are some of the areas we can guide you safely through:

  • Agreements
  • Data protection
  • Product liability
  • Patent, design, copyright and trademarksDo contact us for any enquiry or question.

Do contact us for any enquiry or question.

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