We have extensive experience with property matters, and know the challenges in the real estate value chain. We assist with advice on planning and building laws, real estate development, real estate transactions and arbitration, construction, leasing, operation and management, property law, servitude, customary and leasehold tenure, expropriation, assessment, land acquisition and insurance law.

We also assist in the preparation of complex contract structures, such as development agreements, sale and leaseback, PPP projects, property development contracts and forward contracts, in addition to regular contracts for purchase/sale, rental, etc.

We also advise on inheritance and advancements which include property.

We also assist with any litigation and dispute resolution related to property, and we have our own litigation specialists in the property department.

Several of the Bull & Co lawyers in Bull work with lawyers for the House Owners’ Association and the Norwegian Hyttelag (Holiday Home Owners Association), and we provide legal expertise for Hyttemagasine (Holiday Homes magazine).

We regularly give lectures on matters pertaining to commercial property law, in cooperation with, for example, the NE Kunnskap education centre and the Centre for Continuing Legal Education (JUS).

Kristoffer Aasebø

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