Transfers of businesses

Reorganisation of a company will frequently involve the transfer of a business. In a business transfer, there are several factors of which both the transferring and the acquiring party need to be aware. Transfers of businesses are regulated in the Working Environment Act and in the EU Council Directive on transfers of undertakings, businesses or parts of undertakings or businesses.

At Bull & Co, we have lawyers with extensive experience of advising on business transfers in the public and the private sectors, both domestically and internationally. Our employment lawyers have experience with both national and international regulations, and accordingly our advice will ensure that the company remains in compliance with the rules governing employee rights, while also maximally safeguarding the employer’s right of management.

We have extensive experience with Norwegian and international negotiations, and through our international network we have access to local legal expertise throughout the world.

Establishing cyberattack response team

Cyberattacks happen more frequently, are increasingly sly and cause more harm than before.  To help companies that have been subjected to such attacks by quickly limiting the scope of the damage, Bull & Co has established a multidisciplinary response team....

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International Financial Law Review

We congratulate Bjarte Bogstad with the rating “highly regarded” within Corporate and M&A (Company Law and Transactions) from International Financial Law Review (IFLR1000), for the fourth time in a row. IFLR1000 is a guide to the world’s leading financial and...

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