Collective labour law – collective agreements

Collective labour law regulates the relationship between employee and employer organisations, and the rights deriving from that relationship. These include the rules governing the conclusion and termination of collective agreements, the industrial peace obligation resting on the two sides in an industry during the term of collective agreements and the systems in place for dispute resolution, including mediation in conflicts of interest and the settlement of disputes over the interpretation of collective agreements and similar in labour law.

Recently, regulations have been adopted relating to joint and several liabilities for contractors and the general application of pay and terms of employment provided for in collective agreements in various areas. Other developments include the right to exert influence in the workplace and the employees’ right of co-determination. Our employment lawyers regularly advise employers on how to ensure that the rights of employees are safeguarded, while at the same time maintaining the employer’s right of management.

Brilliant results in The Legal 500 for 2020

The insurance team make its first appearance in the rankings with a blast at Tier 2, the Technology, Media and Telecom team climbs from Tier 3 to Tier 2, and Public Procurement enters with a solid Tier 3 ranking. Bull & Co is gaining recognition with its two new team...

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New legislation regarding medical devices postponed

The EU Commission will be postponing the implementation of new regulations regarding medical devices for one year. The rules will become effective as Norwegian law without revisions, and the planned implementation was in May of this year. It now looks like it will be...

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Chambers Europe 2020 – TMT moves up

Chambers Europe has published its ratings for 2020, and we are particularly pleased that the TMT team moves up from Band 4 to Band 3. In addition, we are pleased that Kristian Foss is joined by Stian Sørensen Schilvold in Band 4 on the individual ratings. Jan Morten...

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Emergency measures – legal update Norway

Businesses in Norway and all around the world are now put under severe pressure du to the crisis caused among others by the Corona virus, and for Norway, the severe fall in the oil price. Below we will focus on a few of the issues that needs to be considered as an...

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