Supply agreements – industrial supply

The purchase and sale of personal goods, be it merchandise, machinery, equipment, components, or something else, is regulated by the Sale of Goods Act unless otherwise agreed.

Most industries have developed extensive and complex contractual standards that complement the Sale of Goods Act principles, but which under certain conditions also depart from the statutory principles.

We have lawyers with core competency in these standard agreements.  For workshops and others providing customised products within the industry, delivery terms are often regulated by supply contracts, such as:

  • NLM, NL, AIS etc.
  • NS

For some industries, there are customised supply contracts, as is the case in the IT sector (see IT contracts), offshore sector (NTK, EPC MCA) and for the supply of electromechanical equipment to the power industry (AKB / 88, KOLEMO and NLM10).

We assist with the selection of the appropriate standards to follow, customised agreements for the actual delivery, contract auditing, continuous legal counsel and dispute resolution.

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New legislation regarding medical devices postponed

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