Cyberattacks happen more frequently, are increasingly sly and cause more harm than before.  To help companies that have been subjected to such attacks by quickly limiting the scope of the damage, Bull & Co has established a multidisciplinary response team.


The threat the business world fears the most

Today, cyberattacks are events the business world fears the most – and for good
reason.  In today’s high-tech business life, all customer follow-up, production and logistics become paralyzed without functioning IT systems.  Several Norwegian and international companies have been subjected to this kind of attack recently, with very serious consequences.

Multi-disciplinary response team

Bull & Co has established a multi-disciplinary response team to help companies limit the scope of damage caused by a cyberattack or other security breach. The team consists of lawyers with expertise in security, technology and data protection, as well as partner companies within IT/technical and PR support, such as NSM approved BDO CERT.

  • We have seen that many companies are not sufficiently prepared to handle a cyberattack, either within their own organization or toward customers and suppliers. They are uncertain about how quickly and in what order measures must be taken. We would very much like to help them, says attorney Kristian Foss, a member of the response team and an expert on IT and security law.

We have developed routines that quickly help us get an overview of the course of events and potential risk reduction measures, all based on the knowledge we have gained by helping businesses and organisations that have experienced various types of security breaches. All members of the response team have also undergone a specific training program on the implementation of the routines.

Offering emergency assistance

The first 48 hours after a cyberattack are often critical. Therefore, we offer emergency assistance during this period and – if desired – continuous support thereafter.

  • Once you contact us, our response team will immediately prioritise guiding the company through the process of reducing the impact of a cyberattack or other security incident, says attorney Jenny Sveen Hovda, member of the response team and head of Bull & Co’s intellectual property and technology teams.

The hotline number +47 23 01 01 01 is open  07.00-22.00 every day. From there, you will be transferred to one of our response team members.

If you would like more information about our response team and how we can assist, feel free to contact the front line support team.

Runar Hansen

Mobile: +47 908 95 006

Jenny Sveen Hovda

Mobile: +47 936 91 555

Kristian Foss

Mobile: +47 970 62 655