• “BLaaS” is a new way of offering legal services, where the scope of the service and the company’s costs are agreed upon between Bull and the customer in advance.
  • The service is comparable to a subscription, where the customer pays a predetermined monthly amount and receives certain legal services over a defined period of time.
  • BlaaS provides the customer with financial predictability, access to a dedicated team that is familiar with the business, and the opportunity to customise its need for legal assistance over time.
  • The scope of the service is based on the customer’s wants and needs and is therefore appropriate for companies of various sizes.

Bull has access to lawyers with extensive in-house experience within many different industries and puts together teams that are tailored to each customer’s business.

“Your legal department” at Bull & Co

Employment, contracts, privacy, corporate documentation, public procurement and compliance procedures; many different legal issues need to be handled and resolved throughout a company’s life cycle. The needs in terms of expertise, complexity and resources vary over time. Many needs may be defined in advance, based for example on a bid’s time schedule. Therefore, the company can—using BLaaS—work in a proactive and risk-reducing manner.

During a certain period, the business’ need for a lawyer is one hour per week; during another, perhaps several lawyers full time. One period may require assistance regarding labour law; during another, the focus may be on public procurement. For each such period, we customise the service and our team. Your business’ main contact at Bull will be the partner who knows your company best. The service may also include a Q&A service where “your” lawyers respond to ongoing questions within the selected areas throughout the period.

Tailored to your needs

The content of BLaaS is designed to meet the customer’s actual needs during a defined period of time (usually three or six month intervals). We put together a team whose combination of skills, experience and industry knowledge are tailored to your business. We invest time in understanding the business before we initiate the service. The goal is to deliver effectively and provide clear, honest and practical advice throughout the entire collaboration. We believe that pragmatic advisory and simplification of complex issues are the most effective and create value for the customer. If the customer wants the team lawyer(s) to be in-house on a regular basis—for example, half a day or two days a week—we can arrange that, too.

“Health check”: mapping the company’s legal needs 

The first step in BLaaS is a simple company “legal health check”. Here, we analyse your business’ need for legal assistance over the next six to twelve months. Based on the status of the company (challenges and any uncovered risks) and the plans for the period, we propose specific measures and tasks. It is up to management and/or the board to decide which of the identified tasks should be performed, and when. The measures we agree on are included in an action plan, which we are responsible for following up. When the measures have been selected, we set a price—together with the customer.

Predictable cost

When your business has BLaaS, legal expenses can easily be included in your company’s budget. The service select by your company will have a fixed price, which is paid in equal, monthly instalments during  the agreed period. If there are additional tasks beyond the services covered by BLaaS, they will be invoiced separately based on an agreed hourly rate.

Please contact Anette Mellbye. Tlf. +47 934 33 682, am@bull.no.